Competitive advantages of the Project

The proposed building area has a series of multiple advantages which make the prospect of the whole project more attractive. These particular

advantages can decrease or even eliminate some risk factors and increase the possibilities of a successful and profitable rehabilitation centre. The geographic location of the area is of great importance for the development of the rehabilitation centre due to its proximity to a series of different services and facilities. The building area is in the middle of the path between Limassol and Paphos as aforementioned. The time required to go to these cities from Pissouri is estimated around 20 minutes from Limassol and 15 minutes from Paphos. It is also 15 minutes Paphos International airport and public hospital with easy access to the highway which makes the issue of transportation very convenient. Apart from the above advantages, it is worthy to note that the building area is only 30 minutes away from Troodos which is the highest mountain of Cyprus and constitutes the best highland area where a medical traveller or patient can enjoy the comfort and calmness of an ideal Mediterranean destination. Nevertheless, the building area is near to two of the largest golf courts which attract many visitors and golf fans.

Nevertheless, the village and sea of Pissouri constitute an ideal and graphical environment. These particular elements will gain considerable importance in the near future, due to the fact that the Cyprus government has decided to invest in the area and the village of Pissouri by preparing the ground for the building of marinas which are going to give an ideal,quality and brilliance to the area.