The project


The project aims to implement the idea of combining a high standard rehabilitation centre with a retirement resort where residents will benefit from services offered in the centre in a «controlled» environment. The sale (or lease) of retirement dwellings will contribute towards the development of the rehabilitation centre minimizing the risks and contributing towards the cash flow. The rehab centre will be offering its services to internal residents as per request but the core business will be the services offered to external patients from Cyprus and abroad (Europeans and Regional countries)

Following is a description of the rehabilitation centre and services provided as well as the retirement development adjacent to the rehab centre:


The rehabilitation centre aims to offer an alternative and innovative opportunity to many types of patients. While Cyprus’ medical and health services are dramatically improving, one could notice a big gap in the area of post operation treatment and rehabilitation procedures. This particular drawback in Cyprus’ health and medical infrastructure can be transformed to a great challenge. In particular, there is an increased necessity to create the structures to build a rehabilitation centre which will have the capacity and infrastructure to offer different types of therapies to different type of people. As aforementioned, this project seeks to present the rational way of running a rehabilitation centre and aims to highlight the infrastructure and services needed, as well as the preconditions required for the successful implementation of the specific project.

The proposed Rehabilitation centre will facilitate patients, who have completed their primary treatment, operational or not, and a rehabilitation process and period is required in order to recover and return to their prior disease or accident condition at the soonest possible achieving the best possible results.

There is a vast spectrum of rehabilitation treatments which can be offered in an even bigger range of patient’s categories. This range varies between patients with serious mobility difficulties and patients with chronic diseases and serious morphs of depression. Furthermore, the definition of the term rehabilitation contains also the recovery from symptomatic therapies which aim to recover the patient from a particular problem such as mobility therapies and conservation treatments due to aging factors for example. These treatments aim to treat the anomaly which emerged after the existence of a particular disease or accident and/or to improve the quality of life.

The broad range of treatments and patients type will be particularized and focalized after the creation of the feasibility study which must be in place to finalize the decision for the exact profile of the patient-customer of the rehabilitation centre. This particular outcome will be based to the following two parameters:

  • The situation of the market and the various opportunities that emerge as a result of the market rules (demand and supply in Cyprus, prices and specialization)
  • The capabilities in the economic field (quality of services, seeking of specialisation) of the owners and investors of the specific project.