The land

The total area of the land is 173246,00 sq. meters on a beautiful country side slope with a magnificent breathtaking view. According to the current

permits, the area to build may reach 8315,76 sq. meters leaving amble area for landscape. It is noted that at the request of the land owners, the relevant Authority responded positively in possible increase of building land in excess of the 8315,76 sq. meters.

Following are pictures of the land as it is today:

A General View of the Area

  • The above pictures give a general view of the area in which the retirement-rehabilitation center will be developed
  • The specific area of the village of Pissouri fulfills all the requirements for a successful and qualitative medical center
  • The comfortable access, the progressive upgrade of the transportation and the village’s proximity with the two big tourist cities of Cyprus (Limassol and Paphos), constitute substantial advantages which reinforce the project’s prospect

Basic Characteristics

  • The area accurately combines the comfort and view of the sea with the original characteristics of a highland area
  • The sea can be identified in the depth of the pictures
  • The specific area reveals and is clearly related with the peculiar characteristics of the Mediterranean climate
  • The vast territory can be developed in a variety of different ways
  • The idea of a general retirement and rehabilitation center will generate new opportunities and prospects for many actors in many fields

Views of the building area

The current form and facilities of the area