Operations Management of the project

Option 1: Management/ Commisioning entire project

The project (medical areas, serviced apartments and retail area) represents a unique concept that is plausible from a healthcare as well as a market perspective. Potential for high returns is realistic if quality and efficiency are achieved through an appropriate management model.

It is recommended that a Lead Operator will be running the entire project including the rehab centre, managing the core services and the integration of all the other areas including the retirement services of the development.

The Lead Operator will develop and implement policies and procedures to maintain the healthcare quality standards and will also represent the reference for the other focus areas. It may directly operate or instead outsource specific services like housekeeping & laundry, restaurant, engineering, general waste and other support services to achieve better efficiencies.

Option 2: Multiple Operators Management Model

Multiple Focus Areas and rehab Operators running and managing their own specialties with an integrated approach towards the services provided.

Multiple operators will manage and run their own specialty in the rehab centre and all the support services will be shared. The retirement project will also be managed separately and will be used as a couchon to all healthcare providers.


The political stability in the island was certainly enhance with the accession to EU in 2004. Since then great number (relative to Cyprus local population) mainly Europeans have resided permanently. Today there are villages in Cyprus that the majority is mainland europeans.


The Euro replaced the Cyprus Pound as Cyprus’ national currency as of January 1, 2008. Joining the Euro zone was a major accomplishment for the Cypriot economy, resulting in such benefits as a higher degree of price stability, lower interest rates, reduction of currency conversion costs and exchange rate risk, and increased competition through greater price transparency

In recent years, the services sector, and financial services in particular, have provided the main impetus for growth. In the last couple of years (2007 and 2008) growth has remained fairly strong at around 4.4% and 3.8%


Cyprus’s strategic location at the crossroads of three continents has been a major factor in shaping its history throughout the centuries and its development into not only a major eastern Mediterranean trading post but also a reputable international business and services centre. Upon membership into the European Union, Cyprus is being transformed into a key outpost in eastern Europe.


One of the priority growth sectors in the Goverment of Cyprus Strategic Development Plan (2007-2013), is Information Communication Technology. Specifically, Cyprus wellcomes FDI to expand and/or develop projects on e-Government, e-Business, e-Learning, e-Inclusion, e-Health and overall ICT services.


Cyprus offers a wonderful environment for a very comfortable standard of living Indicatively, according to the latest publication of the Human Development Index which is a measure of the standard of living of a country, published by the UN Development Program (UNDP) in 2005, Cyprus ranks as the 28th highest in the world, with 90.3 points. The highest scorewas 96.8 points


The people of Cyprus are traditionally warm and welcoming and consider a visit to their island as a compliment – one that is repaid with genuine hospitality, summed up in the Greek word Philoxenia: Friendship towards the guest. Their native language is Greek, but English is readily spoken in all the shops, restaurants and hotels – in fact just about everywhere. In a world of ever-increasing violence, Cyprus has a remarkably low crime rate, and from just one visit to the Island the visitor can understand why. The pace is leisurely, the people kind and helpful, always ready with a smile. The Cypriots are hard workers too – resilient people who have withstood and accommodated the succession of invaders throughout their long history.

Undoubtedly, the proposed project will, and is aiming, to become a reference project not only for Cyprus but the region as a whole. It is evident from the aforementioned that it has all potentials requested for interested investors to pursue and exploit.