The proposed rehabilitation center will constitute a central spot for post operation treatment and recovery in Cyprus and South East Europe.

The rehabilitation centre will offer a range of different treatment and therapies in order to attract, treat and satisfy different types of patients. As the specific centre will also be offering and running as a retirement resort, it will have the flexibility to adjust and modulate its services depending on the type of its patients. Some basic therapies that are mandatory for the rational operation and running of the centre are the following:

The rehabilitation centre will be able to accommodate patients in different stages of their recovery period as following:

  • The initial stage of their disease or after a surgery operation.
  • The middle stage of their disease and after the beginning of their rehabilitation programme delayed due to various implications or due to the extension of their staying in a hospital.
  • The chronic stage of the disease

Therapies offered but not restricted to:

Traumas – Craniocerebral injury, injury of marrow, multiple and comblex traumas, athletic injuries, pain syndromes, syndromes related with work, syndroms of cronic lassitude

Physiotherapy – Specialised staff in the field of physiotherapy will develop the necessary infrastructure for target-oriented rehabilitation

Occupational therapy – the main task of occupational therapists is to enable patients to perform the activities of daily living once again and/or to improve their performance

Speech therapy – the treatment of speech disorders is aimed at building up communication ability in everyday life, especially restoring understanding and expression in speech

Neuropsychology – neuropsychological activity focuses on how patients with acquired brain damage think, experience and behave

Clinical psychology – the aim of interventions in clinical psychology is to help patients deal with their disease, especially their pain, in a healthier way

Activation therapy – activation therapists work with patients towards an active and meaningful leisure activity

Constraint-induced movement therapy (CIMT) – this form of therapy can be used to train a paretic (partially paralysed) arm, to restore functioning and/or a specific function

Post operational recovery – the centre will offer the opportunity of recovery to patients who need post operational treatment in a more comfortable and easy to recover environment.

The rehabilitation centre will offer:

  • Specialised staff in order to give the option to each patient to achieve in a large extend the aims for independency
  • Large relaxation and entertaining rooms for patients and their visitors.
  • Qualitative International Cuisine.